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Posted 24/07/2015

Posted 24/07/2015

The following significant changes regarding EIA requirements when applying for a licence have recently been introduced by the EPA:
Posted 23/07/2015

Posted 17/04/2015

Posted 26/03/2015

The EPA has recently released two high level documents on Regulation and Enforcement. These are:

  • Draft Better Regulation Policy (2015);
  • Draft Compliance and Enforcement Policy (2015).

Both documents refer to six core principles, namely:

Posted 23/03/2015

In 2014 the EPA released its ‘Guidance on Assessing and Costing Environmental Liabilities’, a long awaited update to the 2006 version of the document. The guidance makes some substantial changes regarding how the EPA wants liabilities costed. Some of these changes are outlined below: