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Posted 25/03/2020

The EPA has published the Odour Emissions Guidance Note (Air Guidance Note AG9) for industrial and waste facilities to address issues that arise from unwanted odours in the environment. The guidance note includes methods and principles that can be used by EPA Licensed facilities to assess, control and abate odours arising from an installation.

Posted 20/03/2020

We want to provide you with an update on the measures Environet Solutions has taken as we all deal with, and work through, the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Environet Solutions will remain open for business and we will continue to progress the projects we are working on and to deliver on the commitments we have made to clients.

Colleagues are now working remotely from home with high speed internet connectivity at all locations.

Posted 03/03/2020

The EPA has published an update to the Air Dispersion Modelling from Industrial Installations Guidance Note (AG4). The original version of this guidance note was published in 2010. The main changes to the guidance are as follows:

Posted 05/02/2020

EPA Guidance Note on Charges

Posted 30/01/2020

Posted 03/09/2019

Posted 28/08/2019

The European Commission has recently published a communication outlining measures to address challenges that the release of pharmaceuticals pose to the environment.This includes pharmaceuticals used for both veterinary and human purposes. Pharmaceuticals can enter the environment at any stage from their production, use and disposal.

Posted 09/08/2019

The EPA has published a Clarification Note on the Requirements for Underground Pipeline Testing at Industrial and Waste Licensed Sites. Within the guidance note there is an emphasis on the definitions of foul drains, process drains and stormwater drains. Foul drains can contain bacterial and ammonia contamination and are required by all licences to be tested for their integrity due to their potential to contaminate groundwater.

Posted 02/08/2019