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Who’s Taking Your Waste Refrigerant?

Under Irish law, a waste producer retains some responsibility for waste produced even when that waste is handed over to another party. This is also true in the case of waste refrigerants.

As well as having the required training, companies involved in the transportation of waste refrigerant gases/liquids (usually the refrigeration contractor) need to submit a PAN (Prior Annual Notification) to the EPA.

Companies that have recently submitted a PAN are listed here:

Once removed from an installation, refrigerant can only be brought to, and managed by, a number of authorised facilities. Only companies with a Certificate of Registration or Waste Permit/License to manage waste refrigerants are allowed to accept this material. These companies are listed here:

It is important that facilities where waste refrigerant is generated confirm that the refrigeration contractors they use have submitted a PAN to the EPA and that the refrigerant is subsequently delivered to, and managed by, an authorised facility.

April 2022