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Due Diligence Auditing

Liabilities associated with particular sites can remain unknown for a considerable period of time. This is particularly the case with environmental liabilities.

Why should a Vendor complete an Environmental Due Diligence audit?

While 'caveat emptor' underpins property transactions in Ireland, the vendor is usually placed in a position where they  may be held liable for non-disclosure of a know material issue. Also where it is likely that the purchaser will commission their own Due Diligence audit, presenting all potential purchasers with a comprehensive report on environmental issues puts the vendor on the front foot in any negotiation.

Why should a Purchaser complete an Environmental Due Diligence Audit?

There are many cases in Ireland where, subsequent to the transaction, environmental liabilities result in costs that are many multiples of the original transaction value. These liabilities can include soil & groundwater remediation costs mounting up over a 20 year period. 

We provide the following types of comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence Auditing services:

  • Vendor DD Audits
  • Purchaser DD Audits
  • Financier DD Audits with reliance