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Site Closure and Residuals Management Planning

It is prudent business management to plan for the closure of a site, even if that closure is highly unlikely in the short term. For IE, IPC and waste licensed sites it is a requirement of the licence that a Residuals Management Plan (RMP) is prepared for submission to the EPA. The RMP describes how the site will be decommissioned to an environmentally inert state. A cost for the decommissioning is estimated and a method of payment proposed. 

We provide services to comply with regulations in relation to site closure, including compliance with EPA and/or Local Authority requirements:

  • Site Closure Audits
  • Residuals Management Plan Report
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Ozone Depleting Substance Surveys
  • Training

All of the above services are in compliance with the following EPA guidance documents;

‘Guidance on Assessing & Costing Environmental Liabilities’, (2014);
‘Guidance on Unit Cost Rates for Verification’, (2014);
‘Guidance on Financial Provision for Environmental Liabilities’, (2015);