Providing World Class environmental compliance consulting
that is both cost effective and focused on client needs


IE/IPC/Waste Licensing

We deliver the following compliance services to industry:

  • EPA IE/IPC licensing
  • EPA Waste licensing
  • BAT (Best Available Techniques) Assessments
  • Trade Effluent Permitting with a Water Services Authority
  • Strategic advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Emergency support
  • Compliance auditing
  • AER preparation
  • Training

Compliance Auditing

We provide compliance auditing services to cover the following client needs:

  • Corporate Audit Support
  • Pre-corporate Auditing
  • Corporate Guideline Auditing
  • IE/IPC Licence Compliance Auditing
  • Waste Licence Compliance Auditing
  • Third Party Auditing of Waste Contractors

Due Diligence Auditing

Liabilities associated with particular sites can remain unknown for a considerable period of time. This is particularly the case with environmental liabilities.

Site Closure and Residuals Management Planning

It is prudent business management to plan for the closure of a site, even if that closure is highly unlikely in the short term. For IE, IPC and waste licensed sites it is a requirement of the licence that a Residuals Management Plan (RMP) is prepared for submission to the EPA. The RMP describes how the site will be decommissioned to an environmentally inert state. A cost for the decommissioning is estimated and a method of payment proposed. 

Environmental Liability Risk Assessments

We complete Environmental Liability Risk Assessment (ELRA) reports in compliance with EPA Guidance.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Troubleshooting

We have over 20 years experience of biological wastewater treatment plant design and operation in the following manufacturing industries: