Providing World Class environmental compliance consulting
that is both cost effective and focused on client needs

IE/IPC/Waste Licensing

We deliver the following compliance services to industry:

  • EPA IE/IPC licensing
  • EPA Waste licensing
  • BAT (Best Available Techniques) Assessments
  • Trade Effluent Permitting with a Water Services Authority
  • Strategic advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Emergency support
  • Compliance auditing
  • AER preparation
  • Training

Of critical importance to all environmental licensing and permitting activities is the confirmation that the facility complies with the principles of BAT. It must be remembered that BAT is site specific, meaning that BAT for your site may be quite different compared with a similar site in a different location. Always remember that BAT Guidance Notes are just that, 'Guidance', and should be used as a basis for discussion with the regulator.