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Mandatory Accreditation for Odour Sampling & Analysis

In February 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that from 1st January 2027, mandatory accreditation for odour sampling and analysis will be required in accordance with EN 13725:2022 “Air Quality – Determination of Odour Concentration by Dynamic Olfactometry.” Should sampling be carried out by non-accredited contractors after the aforementioned date, the associated monitoring report will not be accepted by the EPA.

The EPA has made this decision in order to ensure a consistent level of quality control to odour emissions monitoring at EPA licensed sites. It is hoped that this will provide a greater confidence level in the quality of odour monitoring results.

This change in monitoring requirements will align Ireland with best practice applied throughout Europe and as outlined in BAT Reference Document on General Principles of Monitoring.

This change also brings odour monitoring practices in Ireland in line with the recommendations set out in the “Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/902 establishing the BAT Conclusions for the Common Waste Water Gas Treatment Management Systems in the Chemical Sector (EC, 2016),” which determines that monitoring should be carried out in accordance with EN 13725.

Prior to 1st January 2027, EPA licensed sites are instructed to continue to adhere to the EPA’s “Odour Emissions Guidance Note (Air Guidance Note AG9).”

May 2024