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Posted 23/07/2015

Posted 17/04/2015

Posted 26/03/2015

The EPA has recently released two high level documents on Regulation and Enforcement. These are:

  • Draft Better Regulation Policy (2015);
  • Draft Compliance and Enforcement Policy (2015).

Both documents refer to six core principles, namely:

Posted 23/03/2015

In 2014 the EPA released its ‘Guidance on Assessing and Costing Environmental Liabilities’, a long awaited update to the 2006 version of the document. The guidance makes some substantial changes regarding how the EPA wants liabilities costed. Some of these changes are outlined below:


Posted 20/12/2013

Everyone agrees that harnessing wind power is a good idea but living close to a wind turbine can cause issues particularly in relation to noise. Flicker can also be a problem if the turbine blades cast a shadow on a property.

Posted 18/12/2013
A number of years ago biofuels were being touted as the answer to fuel shortages, carbon emissions and sustainable living. Nowadays their impact on global food prices and their carbon footprint are being re-evaluated.
Posted 18/12/2013
The EU Commission recently published a statement where it proposes a withdrawal of a proposal for a Soil Framework Directive (SFD).
The EU Commission stated: