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Posted 23/11/2012


On November 21st the Copenhagen based European Environment Agency released a major indicators based report on the current and predicted impact of climate change on EU countries. Some of the main conclusions are:

Posted 19/11/2012


Ireland has 2 main targets related to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the Kyoto Protocol and EU 2020.

With regard to Kyoto, Ireland committed to reducing, by 2012, emissions to 13% above those in 1990. It appears that we will meet this commitment through a combination of the recession and the closure of many companies with a very large energy footprint such as IFI, Waterford Crystal and Irish Steel.

Posted 02/10/2012


As we reported in April 2012, Ireland has been under pressure for some years to fully implement the provisions of the EIA Directive.

A European Court of Justice Decision stated that the provisions of Irish planning legislation under the Planning and Development Act 2000 ‘are different from that, imposed by Article 3 of Directive 85/337 on the competent authority, of carrying out full environmental impact assessment’.

Posted 27/09/2012


Posted 07/09/2012


In the current economic climate facility closures are unfortunately a fact of life. For IPPC and Waste licensed sites the EPA has further developed its policy regarding the process of surrendering licenses.

Posted 04/09/2012


In March 2012 Environet reported on the draft waste management policy from the Department of the Environment. It included plans to change how household waste is regulated.

Posted 03/09/2012


Posted 02/07/2012


While we wait for summer to arrive, readers may be interested in an on-line resource for bathing water quality in Ireland. contains data on bathing water quality for 136 designated bathing waters around the country. Historical and current data sets are available and while most are of acceptable quality its also the case that some locations are cleaner than others!

Posted 15/06/2012


In April 2012 the EPA issued a comprehensive new Guidance Note for Noise. The document is intended to assist licensed activities with the assessment of their potential and actual noise impact on the local environment.

Posted 08/06/2012


The EPA has issued guidance on the licensing of emissions to groundwater. This comes on foot of the requirements of the European Communities Environmental Objectives (Groundwater) Regulations, 2010 (S.I. No. 9 of 2010) (Groundwater Regulations). Prior to these Regulations the applicable instrument was usually a Section 4 licence under the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts 1977-1990. However the approach to the licensing of discharges to ground has been extremely inconsistent.