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WTF replaces C1 form


In July 2007 Dublin City Council was designated as the competent authority in relation to implementation of the TFS (Transfrontier Shipment) of Waste Regulations. Dublin City Council established the NTFSO (National Transfrontier Shipment Office) to administer this function.

Now under S.I. No. 324/2011 — European Communities (Shipments of Hazardous Waste exclusively within Ireland) Regulations 2011, Dublin City Council, and therefore the NTFSO, has been designated as the competent authority for control of the movement of hazardous waste within the state. Industry should be aware of the following;

-          the C1 form will be replaced by the WTF (Waste Transfer Form)

-          the entire system is intended to be electronic. However while the generation of the form is electronic the Waste Producer signature etc. appears to be manual therefore Waste Producers will still need to keep a paper copy, at least until the electronic copy is returned to them.

-          no timeline to complete the transfer of the waste

-          waste oils not exempted under new Regulations

-          €20 fee per WTF generated.