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Waste Contractors - Are you taking risks?


For facilities that are generally compliant with environmental legislation, one of the areas in which they are most exposed is in relation to waste management. In the event of a problem regarding a waste contractor, media coverage will focus on the well known companies that have used the contractor as opposed to the lesser known contractor. We believe that industrial facilities may be exposed for the following reasons;

  • Is the contractor licensed/permitted to take the waste type?
  • Is the waste transported in compliance with the regulations?
  • Is the waste stored appropriately?
  • What is the compliance history of the site?
  • Where is the ultimate waste destination?
  • Are there complaints in relation to the facility?
  • Are waste treatment activities covered by the permit/licence?
  • Does the contractor have waste tracking procedures?
  • Has the contractor developed waste acceptance criteria?
  • Does the site have an Environmental Management System?
  • Is the site operating in compliance with its permit?

While the majority of waste contractors may have an appropriate Waste Permit from the Local Authority, or Waste Licence from the EPA, it may well be the case that overstretched regulators are not adequately policing.

Environet considers that the most appropriate course of action is to audit waste contractors, probably on a three year cycle. The auditing process will allow for a due diligence review of waste contractor activities and will demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to address the risks involved.

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