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Useful Information from the European Environment Agency


The EEA is located in Copenhagen and one of its remits is to collate and make available information on the environment. The EEA produces technical reports, briefings and brochures. However its interactive maps are probably the most useful method of extracting data. Much of this information is already available on Irish websites (more on this in later posts) but some is not, such as the E-PRTR information completed by Waste and IPPC licensed facilities annually. Please find below link to the interactive maps.

The below lists some of the datasets that will be of interest to industry.

-          Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive Viewer

-          E-PRTR Viewer

-          Nitrate Directive Viewer

-          Water Framework Directive: River Basin District Information Viewer

-          WFD: Groundwater Viewer

-          WFD: Surface Water Viewer

-          Bathing Water Quality Data Viewer

-          Natura 2000 Interactive Map

-          Air Quality Maps