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ODS Refrigerants - A Reminder

Ozone depleting substance refrigerants received a lot of attention a number of years ago. However some of the target dates have recently passed and others are only a few years away.

For non-critical uses the following are the main phase out dates for CFCs and HCFCs;

  • The supply of CFCs was banned from 1 October 2000
  • The use of CFCs in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment was banned from 1 January 2001
  • The use of virgin HCFCs was banned from 1 January 2010 in the maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning units
  • There will be a ban on the use of all HCFCs from 1 January 2015
  • The refurbishment or upgrade of existing installations or systems currently using HCFC refrigerants, which would result in an increase in the refrigerant volume, is prohibited.