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Guidance Issued on Waste Transfer Forms (WTFs)


Under SI No. 324 of 2011 Dublin City Council (DCC) has been designated as the competent authority for the purposes of the control of shipments of hazardous waste within the state. From October 2011 C1 forms are no longer being issued and have been replaced by WTFs. WTFs are issued electronically. The following points are relevant;

  • An account must be setup to use the electronic system. The system can be accessed here
  • a WTF is purchased at a cost of €6 per form. This is a reduction from the  €20 fee originally proposed by DCC and reported by Environet on 28/9/2011.
  • the WTF must be signed and accompany the waste while in transit.
  • the receiving facility logs in to the system and confirms receipt of the waste.
  • one WTF can be completed for a number of collections but these must relate to a single facility on a particular day.
  • a WTF may be purchased by a consignor, carrier or consignee.
  • the Regulations allow for existing pre-purchased C1 blank forms to be used until 31st December 2011.
  • while the system for issuing WTFs is electronic it appears that paper records will need to be kept by all concerned.
  • waste oils are not exempted under the new Reguations.

DCC has issued guidance in relation to the new system, including FAQs, at