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EPA launches on-line register for Extractive Industries


The Waste Management (Management of Waste from the Extractive Industries) Regulations (S.I. No. 566 of 2009) transpose into Irish legislation the provisions of EU Directive 2006/21/EC. These Regulations provide for measures and procedures to prevent or reduce as far as possible any adverse effects on the environment and any resultant risks to human health brought about as a result of the management of waste from extractive industries such as mines, quarries and peat extraction. The Regulations set out how facilities that manage waste from extractive industries are to be managed and authorised. It also sets out responsibilities and obligations for facility operators and Competent Authorities.

Regulation 19 of the 2009 Regulations requires that Local Authorities maintain a register of all extractive industries within their functional area. The EPA is required under Regulation 19 (2) to prescribe the form and manner in which such information shall be entered and maintained.

Regulation 20 of the Waste Management (Management of Waste from the Extractive Industries) Regulations 2009 Regulation S.I. No. 566 of 2009  requires the maintenance of an inventory of closed waste facilities which cause serious negative environmental impacts or have the potential of becoming a serious threat to human health or the environment.

The register can be accessed here;