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EPA Launches ALDER


The EPA has recently announced the impending launch (on 21st January 2013) of a new web portal called ALDER  It stands for Application for Licensing Data and Environmental Reporting. All holders of IPPC and Waste Licenses will be required to submit monitoring and enforcement data through this portal.

The portal itself allows users to launch an application called LMA the ‘Licensing Management Application’. This application will be used to upload compliance reports, monitoring reports, incidents etc.

ALDER/LMA is intended to be a more efficient means of communicating with the EPA. A facility will be able to send relevant documents/notifications to the EPA electronically without having to submit three hard copies and will be able to see the status of any returns which are made to the Agency (e.g. monitoring reports, requests for changes to processes, etc). It will also be possible to see what issues are currently under investigation by the EPA in relation to a licence and what the current status is (e.g. what is required to be done and when).

Please note that the ALDER system should not be used to submit AER/PRTR returns for 2012. These should be submitted using the current system.

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