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EEA Launches NEC Directive Status Report 2009 – NOx a major issue for Ireland


In 2010, around half of the European Union's Member States expect to surpass one or more of the legal limits set by the National Emission Ceilings Directive (NEC Directive). The annual status report recently released by the European Environment Agency (EEA) confirms that 11 countries anticipate an exceedance of their ceilings for NOx.

4 substances are covered by the Directive NOx, NH3, SOx and NMVOCs. Ireland is complying with its limits for NH3, SOx and NMVOCs but is spectacularly exceeding its limit for NOx by 47%, the worst performance in the EU. It would appear that the ceiling being applied to Ireland was probably underestimated to begin with but this does leave the Government in a difficult position with the EU. It will almost certainly mean that ‘measures’ will need to be taken beyond simply providing support for renewable energy.


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