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EEA Launches Climate Change Adaptation Website


Climate Change Adaptation is now receiving a lot of attention at EU level. Its one thing to prove and that climate change is occurring but its another to actually prepare for it.

A new website from the European Environment Agency aims to collate the many sources of information and provide the knowledge base to inform people about climate change and specifically climate change adaptation

It is aimed at policy makers who can learn from the experience of others facing similar challenges and already carrying out adaptation actions elsewhere.

Climate-ADAPT is currently the most comprehensive website for information on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in Europe. In this context ‘adaptation’ means anticipating the effects of climate change and taking action to prevent or minimise damage. In many cases, early action will save money because the costs of failing to adapt are likely to be very high. 

Unfortunately Ireland is lagging behind many of our EU partners in that we do not have a Climate Change National Adaptation Strategy in place.

The web site aims to support the European Commission’s EU climate change adaptation strategy, due in 2013.